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20KHomes communities invited to Join the Built for Zero Collaborative Feb 2018-Feb 2019

November 18, 2017 / News

The Built for Zero Collaborative, extended to Canadian 20KHomes communities through our partnership with Community Solutions, is an intensive, structured collaborative support process aimed at accelerating communities’ efforts to reach and sustain functional zero on chronic homelessness.  As part of 20KHomes, we are testing this model and will be working over 2018 to further build our capacity in 20KHomes to offer a similar collaborative opportunity in Canada over 2019-2020.

For information on the opportunity for Canadian 20KHomes communities to join the Feb 2018-Feb 2019 Built for Zero Collaborative see this brief overview presentation (from this webinar) and more recently this 2018 Built for Zero Collaborative Details presentation (from this webinar). 

Deadline for joining is January 15, 2018.  For more information or to sign-up contact Nate French at

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