Programme de la semaine d’enregistrement


The flow of the actual Registry Week should follow this basic structure:

  1. Volunteer training the weekend before your Registry Week
  2. Three days of early morning street surveying that takes place between the hours of 4AM and 7AM. The early morning surveying is deliberate, and we recommend conducting surveys during this time for the following reasons:
    1. There will be little question as to whether someone sleeping outside during these hours is homeless or not
    2. This is before local businesses open and begin to ask people sleeping in front of their establishments to move along
    3. If someone has spent the day drinking, it is likely they will be most sober in these early morning hours
  3. Please work with the shelters and other facilities to determine the best time conduct these survey sessions
  4. At the end of each survey session, teams will return to Registry Week headquarters to drop off materials. Each team should go through a debriefing process. Please see the Debriefing document for an idea on how to engage the teams as they return to Registry Week headquarters and what data should be collected from the teams.
  5. You can also track the number of surveys completed at Registry Week headquarters by location. When teams return to headquarters, they can mark the number of surveys completed on a chart. Please see Team Results Wall Chart for an example.

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