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Ottawa pilot project aims to triage city’s homeless

April 22, 2015 / News

Dedicated volunteers across Ottawa have been out in the rain this week talking with homeless people as part of a pilot housing project.

by Tanya Kirnishni, Ottawa Citizen – April 22, 2015

Ottawa, Waterloo and Hamilton are pilot communities for the national 20,000 Homes campaign to roll out in June this year. The campaign is led by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

Despite being soaking wet, volunteer Michelle Reimer spent her Monday evening putting names to faces to get to know the homeless in her community.

“It’s not a choice to be homeless,” volunteer Michelle Reimer said. “Something happened, and you can trace their life. This is not where they want to be.”

The alliance hopes to engage at least 30 communities in its goal of housing 20,000 homeless people by July 2020.

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