Ottawa pilot project aims to triage city’s homeless
April 22, 2015 / News

Dedicated volunteers across Ottawa have been out in the rain this week talking with homeless people as part of a pilot housing project. by Tanya Kirnishni, Ottawa Citizen – April … More

Lessons from the 20,000 Homes pilot communities
March 10, 2015 / Event

The 20,000 Homes campaign will be hosting a webcast with representatives from Hamilton and Ottawa to share lessons learned from recent pilot Registry Weeks. Date: May 20, 2015Time: 3 pm ESTLocation: n/a … More

Region’s survey highlights problem of homelessness
December 18, 2014 / News

Imagine being homeless for over 20 years. Imagine being 16 and home is trying to find a place to sleep at night. Though Waterloo Region is a relatively rich area, … More

Homelessness comes into focus
December 9, 2014 / News

Remember the Polaroid instant camera? It was a big novelty when it first came out. You took a picture, pulled out the self-developing film, and in just a few seconds … More

Mental health, addiction prevalent among the homeless: regional survey
December 4, 2014 / News

A pilot housing project modeled after a similar program south of the border aims to get 40 homeless people off the streets of Waterloo Region before the end of this … More

Waterloo Region presents survey findings identifying most vulnerable people experiencing homelessness
December 4, 2014 / News

The Region of Waterloo shared results today from our first Registry Week, part of the Canadian 20,000 Homes Campaign. On Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, over 60 staff and volunteers … More

$300K spent on hospital care for homeless in last 6 months, says survey
December 3, 2014 / News

Over $300,000 was spent in the last six months alone on hospital emergency room visits and ambulances for homeless people requiring care, a new survey carried out by the region … More

Homelessness survey paints bleak picture of needy in Waterloo Region
December 3, 2014 / News

Of 281 homeless people surveyed in Waterloo Region this week, 45 per cent are considered at high risk of dying on the street. By Paige Desmond, Waterloo Region Record Half … More

Count of Waterloo Region’s homeless population turns up 339 people
December 3, 2014 / News

Across Waterloo Region, there are 339 people experiencing persistent homelessness. by CTV Kitchener  About 145 of those people are at what officials consider the highest level of vulnerability, and the … More

Waterloo Region the first community to participate in Canada-wide campaign to battle homelessness
November 30, 2014 / News

A first for our area as Waterloo Region becomes the first community in Canada to participate in the Canada-wide 20,000 Homes Campaign. by It’s aimed at getting a clearer … More

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